Violence in Education

Violence is becoming more and more common among schools across this nation- we have seen the news spills, but very few people know of things that have been covered up and haven’t made it to the news. Violence in schools- truth be told, is covered up often by school officials especially in universities… Why? Business. That’s why. In a previous post I commented on this circumstance- Business seems to be the problem with almost everything- If it gets out on the news that a teacher was murdered, or a student was violently killed in a school- what will happen? The potential students parents won’t let them go- as the most common tuition payers, also few students, if they pay their own tuition would like to go to a school in which students have been killed, or violent crimes have been committed. This violence is becoming much worse as the years pass, and aggression is becoming more aggressive. As a student I have witnessed a variety of violent students- whom in my mind are disgusting. They treat professor’s with little respect, cuss in class, curse at the teachers, scream, throw things around, etc. These are students whom have made it to about eighteen or so years old, without learning any differently. I am personal advocate of discipline in children, and this is one of many reasons why- eventually every child is confronted with things that they will disagree with- but must deal with in order to get ahead in life- there will always be one person you have to give up and pretend to get along with, as adults we all realize this. As a child we don’t understand this- and don’t want to accept such a future- but it is true. When a child isn’t disciplined or told “no” an acceptable amount of times- it leads to a child expecting to get everything they want, and to use the same tactics they used on their parents, as screaming or throwing fits, etc, until they receive whatever they wanted. This aspect becomes a part of their psyche, and they continue these tantrums after they have become adults, and creates problems in education and careers. A variety of students are confronted in classrooms with a form of authority, teacher or professor, which many students dislike, and if they already have this disciplinary problem, the moment they are told no, it is impossible to decipher how the child will react, and some react in violent mannerism’s, even something as violent as killing a teacher or classmates- this is vital to understand, when raising a kid, and when being a student or/ teacher. Aggression is becoming worse, as discipline is becoming scarce. Video games are also something I would like to discuss- many people become angry when video games and aggression are compared to one another- I believe they have influence to a certain extent- many people aren’t effected by video game influence but some are- and it is difficult for them to detach violence in video games versus. reality. It is also extremely descencitizing to violence- it causes violent acts to seem less violent- and more common. All things to take into account when raising a child- and studying the immense increase in violence.


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